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Roasted Cacao Nibs are the very base of all things Chocolate.

Understandably, if this building block isn't right, the rest of the products can't be. At Vesta, each batch of beans are hand sorted, and roasted in small batch per taste until it reaches its optimal flavor profile. Each origin and each harvest bear different beans, and as a chocolate maker one has to custom roast the beans to bring out its best. It means that one roasting formula does not work for even the beans from the same origin. And in order to achieve this, the maker has to have a sixth sense about cacao - Our Chocolate Maker Roger has that spidey sense, mostly from his years of experience and practice, and endless pursuit of perfection in his passion. That's why our cacao nibs will be the best you will taste. Not because we're better than anyone, but because we "listen" to our beans. It may not make much sense financially to insist on small batch production, but it is the quality that Roger can't compromise on. If the nibs aren't fresh, the rest of the products will never shine. 

And that's the Vesta Promise - we will never stop the pursuit to bring out the best of what our mother nature has given us. And hopefully that's what you will taste at the end of the chain.