Small Batch. Big Impact.

Developed in our craft small-batch kitchen, Vesta Chocolate makes for the perfect gift. Each order can be tailored to fit your needs, communicate your message, and express your sentiment in the most delicious way possible.

Please Contact Us for More Information on volume discounts, customization and shipping details. Our concierge team is on-hand to answer questions and help with any other queries you may have.

Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm EST

Please send all inquiries to, and we will help you design perfect gifts for your team. 

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Testimonials & Press

Oprah Daily

by Juliet Izon

"Sure, drugstore candy is convenient to pick up, but it doesn’t exactly scream “special.” Instead, surprise your friend or family member with delicate and flavor-packed bonbons from Vesta...small-batch craft chocolate, which hide a rich creamy ganache center."

by Victoria Spencer

"If you want a hit of potent chocolate flavor, this handmade bar is for you. It's dark and decadent and just one of the specialties of this newly opened New Jersey-based chocolatier (be sure to also check out their vegan white chocolate bars). The cacao for this bar comes from Guatemala, and the only other ingredient is organic panela sugar"


by Ali Pew

The artisanal chocolate set—vegan bars! orangettes! decadent hot cocoa!—needs no explanation.”

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